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Disney Cruise Orlando

First-time Disney cruisers appreciate the opportunity to test those beautiful waters. Along, with 3- and 4-night sailings. However, what I hear all too often is how much they wish they could have booked. A longer getaway for their family. Let me share with you seven reasons why taking a 7-night Disney cruise. It would be a wonderful experience for your loved one. This article will provide you with valuable information about Disney Cruise Orlando. Find out if Disney Cruise is for you or not.

Disney Cruise Orlando

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To start with the fact that if you want, you can eat as many Mickey Bars as you like in 165 hours. And that is not all, because they offer your cruise 24/7 beverage stations. As well as room service, so you can satisfy your cravings whenever you like!  You can have dinner twice at each of the three family restaurants. You still have a night for an adult-only dinner at Palo. At Animator’s Palate, you and your kids will enjoy not just one but two amazing shows. There is no reason why you shouldn’t have a romantic date night at Palo, dining, and drinking like you’re in Italy!

Palo on Disney Cruise Line

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Disney Cruise Experience

There are more chances for you to be blown away by the spectacular performances at the Walt Disney Theatre. Each night is show time in our grand theatre, so not only will you get to enjoy three Broadway-style musicals. You will also be able to watch an entertaining variety show and enjoy our heartfelt welcome and farewell productions. You can still travel more while only unpacking once. We visit incredible destinations on all of our voyages, but a weeklong cruise brings even more of them to you! Those great cruises last 7 nights, and our itineraries typically feature visits to Alaska. Norway, the Baltic, the Mediterranean, or the Caribbean including Southern, Eastern, and Western cruises. 

Disney Cruise Theatre

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At the adult-exclusive nightclubs, you will have twice the fun. They will have the kids in our clubs having a blast while you get to enjoy our clubs for adults! With a champagne bar, an elegant lounge, a sports pub, a dance club, we have a venue to suit your style and mood. The more nights you stay, the more chances you have to experience them all. We will give you extra chances to meet your favorite Disney characters. Some meet-and-greets are only available on 7-night or longer voyages. All including character breakfasts with Disney characters and tea with princesses. What more is there to be for fulfilling your fun. Towel animals are more numerous when there are more nights! Let’s face it, it never gets boring seeing a new towel animal creation in your hotel room every night.
Disney Cruise Adult Activities Enterntainment

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Disney Character Cruise Dining

Having Character Dining on a Disney Cruise Line is one of the best things about it.  Therefore, if a character breakfast is an option on your Disney Cruise, it is highly recommended. If your little ones are too young to be seated at the main dining time or would like a late dining experience. The kids club will pick them up 30 to 45 minutes after dining begins and bring them to the kids club. 

Disney Character Cruise Dining

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For adults, this is the ideal way to enjoy a nice dinner without having to deal with whiny kids tired of long dinners.  It’s their preferred method of dining. There is a meal for the kids and then an adult experience. For me, it’s a perfect combination of both worlds. In addition to that, the waitstaff is fantastic at providing services and entertaining the kids while you serve dinner!  Mickey-shaped cutlery and condiments are even available! Magic happens there! 

Disney Cruise Night Activities

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There is nightly entertainment onboard Disney Cruise Line twice a night. This way that all guests can enjoy dinner and the amazing shows!  Early dining allows you to eat and watch the show. Late dining allows you to watch the show and eat afterward. Do not fret, you can accomplish everything! There is an additional charge for specialty dining on Disney’s cruise ships.  Palo and Remy are available on both the Disney Dream and Fantasy, as opposed to Palo only on Magic and Wonder.  Guests 18 years of age and older are welcome at these dining locations. In the evening, children can go to the kids club and they will be fed there as well.  

Disney World Cruise Adult Dining Places

There is a good place named Palo have this restaurant is located on deck 10 (Wonder and Magic). Including 12 (Dream and Fantasy), so you will have a great view from this deck.  During your vacation, you must eat at Palo.  The best thing to eat on the Disney Cruise line is this! Reservations for the restaurant must be made in advance during your check-in process.  It is possible to make an additional reservation on board if it is available but guests can only make one reservation per cruise.  Brunch is very popular, especially during the summer.

Palo Brunch on Disney Magic

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Additional costs for each person are currently $40. Changes may be made at any time. Later on, you will receive a 5-course meal and wine pairing with $40 per person.  It’s on the “Disney eating bucket list” which keeps getting longer and more expensive, but I’ve yet to give it a try. Brunch is also available on sea days for an additional $ 40 per person. In order to maintain an upscale dining experience, guests must dress appropriately. By meaning no shorts, cutoffs, flip flops, bathing suits, etc. This is an upscale dining location, so guests should dress accordingly.

Disney Cruise Snacks

Each day, all of the ships offer pizzas, burgers, chicken fingers, sandwich wraps, ice cream, and more!  This is such a great idea, to some visitors, it sounds almost amazing. Ther you have, Goofy’s Galley and Wonder magic. You will find Pinocchio’s Pizzeria, Daisy’s De-Lites, and Pete’s Boiler Bites. Except for Magic, they are located on deck 9 of the Disney Wonder. Flo’s Cafe says that they are the dream and fantasy. Luigi’s Pizza offers a variety of pizzas and other comfort meals. Tow Mater’s Grill offers a barbecue. The Fillmore’s Favorites offers a variety of feasts. There are many snack favorites in each area, but they are called by different names and have different themes.

Goofy Galley Disney Wonder

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There you have the Eye Scream. You will find unlimited soft serve ice cream with sundae toppings on all four ships poolside, which is one of my kids’ favorite stops.  Besides, there is nothing more fun than endless ice cream when on vacation. Continuing to the Frozone Treats, the place where Disney Dream, Fantasy, and Magic. They are the only ships where guests can order fruit smoothies. Vanellope’s Sweets & Treats, Disney Dream makes this stop one of my favorites. Wreck-It Ralph-inspired candy shop is adorable and delicious!  Here you can find gelato, freshly baked goods, candy, and waffle cones. The cruise fare does not include these goodies, and of course. Your children will be begging for more money here every day.

Desserts Disney Cruise

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Orlando Disney Cruise Adult Areas

In addition to family-friendly experiences at Disney, there are also amazing activities for adults only. While you are enjoying time with your husband, wife, or friends. The kids can enjoy themselves at the amazing kid’s clubs while parents enjoy the adults-only areas. To start with the most liked cafe is located in the adults-only area of the ship. Both Cove Cafe and Signals do not have children’s areas.  While the kids are having a blast in the main pool and splash zone. Take your time and relax with a snack while you enjoy the peace and quiet! In the evenings after 9 pm, Disney Dream offers “The District,”. The Disney Fantasy offers “Europa,” and the Disney Magic and Wonder offer “After Hours.”  

Europa Adult Nighttime Fun on the Disney Fantasy

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The Signal cafe is a great place to go aswell. Let your kids go to the kids club after the evening family show while you enjoy the adults-only activities. In addition to comedy and game shows, everybody always enjoyed live entertainment! You would not want to miss out on this experience because you’re “too tired”! At Disney World Orlando you can find great lounges and bars. The different activities may take place in some of the lounges throughout the day. Disney ships have many lounges, and most of them are used for various forms of entertainment throughout the day and night. All including live music, comedy shows, and presentations.

At night, they host family-friendly entertainment for everyone to enjoy. Guests seeking a more adult-only experience can visit the various adult areas (shown below) after 9 p.m. When it becomes less family-friendly with adult comedy and games. There are many other great bars such as Promenade Lounge, D Lounge, Sulley Sips.

Disney Cruise Onboard Adult Entertainment

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Disney Cruise Room Service

Throughout your cruise, you can order room service for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Breakfast will not be offered to guests unless they are concierge-level guests on debarkation day. On debarkation day, you can order room service to your room if you’re staying at the concierge level.  The concierge lounge also offers dining services to its guests. It’s important to note that all meals are included, but there are some details you should know.

Disney Cruise Room Service

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While soda is not included in your cruise fare if you order it through room service, it is included everywhere else on board.  You are better off picking up the soda you’d like to have at the poolside drink station and taking it to your room. In addition, room service staff are not entitled to gratuities.  If you tip them in cash or by adding to the room account, make sure to do this. If you order room service, make sure to order Mickey bars with ice cream.  You won’t find them on the menu, but they’re totally free! I truly believe that the little things make Disney cruises more enjoyable than other cruise lines.

Disney Cruise Room Service

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