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Best Orlando Airboat Tours – Explore Orlando

Orlando Airboat Tours

Disney World and Universal Studios are not all that Orlando has to offer. As a family destination, it is perfect for its 12 theme parks. However, it can also be used as a getaway spot for getting out into nature, shopping, and unwinding in a hotel. Airboat tours are one of the most exciting ways to see what Orlando has to offer.
If you are not familiar with it, it’s a propeller-driven boat with a flat bottom. Alligators, turtles, manatees, and many more native creatures live in Florida’s Everglades National Park, one of the best attractions close to the city.  In this article, you will find valuable information on the best Orlando airboat tours.
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Airboat Safari Ride in Wild Florida

Airboat Safari Ride in Wild Florida with Transportation from Orlando. You will ride a round-trip airboat right out into the Everglades National Park. Right, where you will see one of the United States’ most fascinating and unique ecosystems. You will glide across the swamps looking for herons, otters, and the American alligator, which everyone wants to see. The Wild Florida Wildlife Park has also included a great family trip and an educational opportunity with this tour.
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Airboat Safari Ride in Wild Florida

Tour of the Everglades and South Beach in Miami, the world-famous city, is within easy reach of this 15-hour trip. Enjoy a combination of airboat riding, shopping, and watching alligators on this adventure, picked up from hotel locations in Miami. An alligator handling show, including after the Everglades airboat ride. Trained and responsible handlers will demonstrate how to control the animals. After that, it is on to Miami. Star Island cruises let you see the mansions of the rich and famous.
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Tour of the Everglades and South Beach in Miami

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Enter the Orlando Everglades Wildlife Park & Everglades Airboat Tour. During this tour, you will have the opportunity to travel around the 4,200-acre Central Florida Everglades. You will also be able to visit Wild Florida, Wildlife Park. Enjoy this beautiful boat tour through swamps, marshes, and rivers. This is a great chance to see some American alligators. On your way back, you will visit the Wild Florida Wildlife Park, where you can observe a variety of tropical birds, including horned watusis and emus. Airboat tours in Florida are offered only by companies that own their own land.
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Enter the Orlando Everglades Wildlife Park & Everglades Airboat Tour

Airboat tour of Kennedy Space Center in Orlando. Through the Everglades and a visit to the NASA launch site, Kennedy Space Station comprises this exciting Florida day trip. On a tour of the headquarters, you can see the launch pads from the observation deck on four stories up. Make sure to check out the Atlantis space shuttle, and experience IMAX space films. Take an airboat tour to search for alligators, turtles, and eagles after learning as much as you can about the US space program.
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Airboat tour of Kennedy Space Center in Orlando

VIP Option for half-day Orlando Everglades Tour. During this four-hour tour, you’ll get to experience what most people come to Orlando for an airboat ride, a gator park visit. A delicious BBQ lunch, and even the chance to get your picture taken with an alligator. First, you will take a one-hour airboat tour through the Everglades wetlands, far removed from the stress and bright lights of Florida’s cities.

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VIP Option for half-day Orlando Everglades Tour

Best Airboats Orlando FL

Tour the Everglades in an airboat for 90 minutes in Orlando. You can enjoy yourself in nature on this tour. See what Florida used to look like before. Even before the state’s swamps were filled with urban development and Orlando’s world-famous theme parks went up. Embark on a six-seater stadium boat to explore the world’s largest living estuary. You won’t find a seat on this vessel where you don’t get a good view. Spot the American alligator and the bald eagle. Your airboat ride will be as comfortable as possible with ear protection, a bimini top to protect you from the sun, a life jacket, and rainwear.

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Everglades Orlando

A Kennedy Space Center tour and an airboat safari. In addition to visiting the space center, this tour includes a half-hour airboat ride along St. John’s River. You will learn as well as have fun at the Space Center as you travel round-trip from your meeting point in Orlando. In addition to standing inside the launch control room, you’ll also get the chance to see the biggest rocket ever launched – the Saturn 5.

The best part is that you’ll be able to ride a Shuttle Launch Simulator ride. There will be a lot of shaking! There will be a chance to see native plants and animals on the St John’s River, which is a 12-hour airboat ride following your space explorations. If you’re really lucky, you may even see the American alligator, which is the most famous resident.

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Kennedy Space Center