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Captured moments which give a different view of Election Day

On Nov. 3 the national election day except for the long lines and voting stickers all over the place. Here are some shots that make the day look different across the nation.

Take a look at these pictures from Election Day and compare them to yours.

Dad brought his one-month-old child to the election poll alongside him. Political analysts say a great way to instill civic duty into future voters is to have them see democracy play out first hand, with parents setting the example.

Texas fashion, these voters trotted to the polls. It all smiled on Election Day as the pair made their way to the ballot box, they were not horsin’ around.

Malmberg couple masked up for an Election Day trip in Los Angeles and gave their young children a civics lesson while also taking stepping up to the plate to explain the rules of baseball to the little ones.

The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra set the sounds of Election Day in New York as musicians across the area were playing for voters.

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