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Central Florida mental health services for the ones under or uninsured

Health care services offered whether by public or private sectors are those services such as the diagnosis, prevention of the diseases, the treatment of illnesses, injuries and other health impairment of the people around the world.

How to find the right therapist

Which for sure leads to feelings of helplessness, depression, or anxiety. Floridians are struggling with un- or under-employment for the first time. This leads to difficulties in paying bills or putting food on the table. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sealed with this. They found out that  41% of adults surveyed “reported a mental or behavioral health condition.” It shows the number of Americans with an anxiety disorder tripled by the same time last year and those with depression were four times higher. The September unemployment rate was 7.6% for Floridians. All over the nation still about 10.7 million jobs short. 22 million jobs were lost when the pandemic began. With the jobs lost and Floridian’s income cut off, that means many of those who may be in need of mental health services. Those people can’t afford that very important service. Below find listed the free services.



This is a nonprofit organization that assists and advocates in the areas of mental health, substance misuse, and child well-being. They accept insurance. Mental health services are done on a basis given by Telehealth.

Outlook Clinic

Mental Health Association of Central Florida

The Outlook Clinic treats patients with anxiety and  depression.


Aspire's COVID-19 Mental Health Resources Hub » Aspire Health Partners - Aspire Health Partners

Aspire treats people suffering from mental health disorders and substance abuse. Their  Treatments are for free. Their Crisis Support Hotline at 407-875-3700 and press 2.


Heart of Florida Health Center logo

They offer offer a variety of medical services including mental health services. They provide help to those who are not able to to obtain them due to lack of insurance or financial limitations.


The Centers - Where Hope Healing and Health Begin

They provide services for adults and children.

Health Care Center for the Homeless

Those people offer health and mental health services for anyone who is homeless. They provide help to the ones with home but have lower income. Due to the pandemic Floridians are struggling. The income falls below 200% of the current Federal Poverty Guidelines.

They do not accept private insurance, but do accept Medicaid, Medicare, Medipass, Wellcare, Staywell, Healthease, & Prestige Healthcare.

The importance of healthcare in the society.

Overall health care is considered as one of the crucial factors that define a government in a certain state. Health care system and services may vary from one country to another, given the health care policies of that certain state. In highly industrialized countries, health care system has been advance and the amount of services to its people is highly recognized.

Three types of health care:

  • Primary care
  • Secondary care
  • Tertiary care

 The value and significance of health care systems in the world cannot be overlooked. 



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