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Visiting The Wheel at ICON Park Orlando. Visitors considering a great vacation to Orlando, Florida. As well as the locals who would want to see the city from a new height. No matter what the situation is for you, there is no better way to complete your day in the city than at The Wheel at ICON Park. This impressive 400 foot tall Ferris wheel is no ordinary Ferris wheel. By allowing you to enjoy the unique view of Orlando. The Wheel is the ideal way to start or end a vacation, and it’s only $ 27.99 per person per trip. Are you ready to make this iconic amusement park attraction a part of your vacation? In addition to rising to an incredible 400 feet, The Wheel at ICON Park has many other details. Read quick information about The Wheel and the super exciting entertainment centre.

About 400 feet above Orlando, you can comfortably take a capsule to visit many attractions. This Orlando attraction opened in 2015 and has equipped with after three years of construction. The air-conditioned ICON Park’s Ferris wheel equipped with 64,000 colour-changing LEDs for unique light shows. The Ferris wheel considered to be the brightest lighthouse in Orlando. Sky Experience Orlando’s ICON Park’s Ferris wheel and other amusement parks at 400 feet. The attractions are different, and you can admire the city from a new perspective. From the top of this spectacular observation wheel, you can enjoy the view of Orlando as a whole while gazing at the impressive skyline.

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Customers of The Wheel like to see the following attractions in a comfortable capsule. The natural lakes-From the top of The Wheel, you can see Dasha Lake and Xiaoshan Lake. These impressive works of nature are easy to miss, especially if you follow a strict schedule. In addition to these features, you will also enjoy the beauty of Orlando’s many natural lakes and artificial water bodies. Walt Disney World a place of which everyone dreams of visiting Walt Disney World. Now they can enjoy a panoramic view of this Orlando attraction. From the top, you can see all four parks and Disney Springs, as well as its many amusement rides and fireworks at night.

Central Florida Landmarks – Visit Downtown Orlando, including the famous Amway Center, the entire International Drive, Kennedy Space Center, Legoland, and more. Universal Studios Orlando. Another tourist hotspot, you can enjoy the new landscape of Universal Orlando Resort. At the top of The Wheel, you can see Hogwarts, the Invincible Hulk roller coaster. Volcano Bay, and the location of the new Epic Universe theme park coming in 2024. Reasons why choosing the Ferris wheel is your best option. There are so many things to see and do in Orlando, thinking about why spend time on the Ferris wheel at ICON Park?

When it comes to amusement park rides, few people can compare them. Although you can enjoy the adrenaline rush that the roller coaster brings, the magnificent views of the Orlando skyline. All the local attractions are unmatched. Plus, The Wheel is a family-friendly experience. It is suitable for people of all ages, regardless of age, men and women will like to overlook the city. After completing the 18-minute ride, you will have a variety of dining and shopping options. With so many options for lunch and dinner, you will find a restaurant to suit everyone at the party. 

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Regardless of your vacation plan, please be sure to score the ICON Park’s The Wheel in time. With magnificent views of downtown Orlando, Walt Disney World, etc., few other activities can compare. The Wheel is an amusement park designed for the whole family and any occasion. Whether you are celebrating a child’s birthday or planning a bachelor party.

You cannot go wrong with ICON Park. Do not forget to stop at ICON Park Sky Bar. On the way to ride The Wheel at ICON Park, visit Sky Bar and choose from our VIP package. There are a lot of different options. Starting from the drinks of your choice, including beer, wine and cocktails. A bottle of wine, sparkling wine or champagne. A refrigerator with six types of beer of your choice.

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