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Disney Souvenirs On A Budget | Orlando Disney Giftshops

Orlando Disney Souvenirs

Disney offers souvenirs for sale. Visitors have always adored them. It’s sort of a problem for everyone who wants to go to Disney. By issue meaning that it can be remembered always wanting them, not just a few but lots of them. Especially those who are enthusiastic Mickey-lovin’ children vacationing at Walt Disney World. Not just kids, everybody wants them just as much now as a grown Mickey-loving adult with children of their own. Parents want souvenirs for their kids, and themselves. You might want souvenirs to purchase as gifts for friends and family. Some want the plush, squishy Disney characters. Aswell as others want the Mickey Mouse oven glove and the Haunted Mansion Hostess apron.

I want the Disney mugs to sip your morning coffee out of each and every day and some even prefer to eat their cereal out of a Disneyesque cereal bowl.  Having every Disney Christmas ornament on display just as much as you want those spinning, twirling neon light-up toys. The ones that they sell during the night parades. You might end up wanting the magnets, the tank tops, and the artwork. Visitors spend hours shopping at the many souvenir shops speckling the Disney Parks and Resorts.  The best recommendation that can be given to you is to make a beforehand plan. Throughout Disney World, you will experience everything. The prices differ from year to year, it depends on when and where you are getting your souvenirs. 

Disney Souvenirs

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Disney Souvenirs Shops 

To start off with the Disney-themed magnets. Eventually, they will begin occupying your entire refrigerator, which I think is kind of cool and I suspect your family will think is kind of bizarre. You can pick up a lot of Disney magnets from souvenir shops to decorate your fridge. To remind you every time you open it to grab your plain, fat-free Greek yogurt. The one that you would much rather be scarfing down a Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar.

Speaking of Mickey Mouse ice cream bars, you can find them as magnets, as well as waffle magnets and turkey leg magnets. Currently, these Disney food magnets look good enough to eat and will cost you $12.95 plus tax. Which is a great deal considering they will last a lot longer than a Mickey Mouse Premium Bar. Mickey Mouse waffle, or turkey leg. There are many other Disney magnets, however, that will cost you less if you are looking to spend less. But still want a fun reminder of your Disney vacation to see every day. 

Disney Themed Magnets

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Best Disney Souvenirs

A great option is the keychains too they can remain with you forever. There are a variety of different shapes and designs of Disney keychains. A lightsaber key chain and a figment head key chain are available. Hollywood Tower Hotel KEY keychains and Pirates of the Caribbean skull keychains are available. Almost everything is available there. A typical keychain will cost you between $6.95 and $10. There are some pretty good hand sanitizer holders too.

Disney Themed Key Chain

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The super cute souvenirs, which have just hit the shelves, also come in a variety of Disney themes and make the best addition to any theme park visit. These sanitizer holders feature Disney characters like Mickey and his pals, Disney theme park icons, seasonal Disney. The Star Wars sanitizer holders, among other designs. In addition to the hand sanitizer. Each kit also includes a split keyring with a lobster claw clasp, making it ideal for attaching to a handbag or car keychain. As soon as the supplied hand sanitizer runs out, simply refill it with your favorite hand sanitizer. Tax is currently added to the price of $8.95.

Disney World

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Disney Giftshop

Whether you are a Disney fan like we are or not, you will definitely enjoy collecting a pair of good old-fashioned Mickey ears as a keepsake. A pair of Minnie’s ears that you can wear during your trip to the parks. At some point in their lives, each and every one of us will have owned a pair of Mickey or Minnie ears. It means you are officially a member of the club. Various Disney locations allow you to purchase Mickey’s ears and to have them personalized with your name. An additional amount varies around $5 to $10 for embroidered personalization is added to the total price. 

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

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A great idea is the Disney mugs too. Their holiday-themed coffee mugs are too cute to resist. Those iconic Mickey Mouse Halloween mugs are a huge hit! Look for each one that comes in a collection, like the vintage Disney character coffee mugs. One example would be the Disney Princess collection or the vintage attraction poster collection. A Disney mug is usually around $10 to $20, a price you could use on a daily basis if you wanted to. For most people, it would be considered a good investment. 

Disney Glassware Store

Engraved Disney Glassware these souvenirs are practical. To make for the perfect personalized gift, and are typically used over and over again. There are a couple of locations on Disney property where you can find an Arribas Brothers shop. It is the place where you can purchase glass gifts and have them engraved for an additional small fee. These locations are Crystal Arts on Main Street, USA Magic Kingdom, inside Disney Springs, and in the Germany Pavilion at Epcot.

There is a myriad of crystal gifts and glass blew items for sale within these shops. The prices peaking quite high on select items, but the glassware is surprisingly affordable. The glassware comes with a Disney design on one side. Some choose to have their engravings include family names and or the year of your vacation. The prices range from $10 for juice glasses to $26.50 for 36 oz. glass steins. You can purchase a glass mug, wine goblet, glass tumbler, or pilsner glass too! The prices vary depending on the location of the additional engraving. They all are approximately an extra $5 to personalize with the engraving of your choosing.

Disney Glassware Store

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Pressed pennies have been around since the Disney World days of my youth. Do not look like they are going away anytime soon which is great. Because we are rediscovering our childhood fascination for these copper souvenirs. As a child, I stood in awe as I watched the machine work its magic. Turning a simple penny into a commemorative souvenir with a fascinating Disney image on it. These pressed pennies will typically run you around 51 cents but some machines will press dimes or quarters and cost a little more. Your collection of pressed pennies or quarters can then be displayed in a fun collector’s booklet the shape of Mickey’s head perhaps. 

In various locations at Disney, you can have a hand-cut silhouette created by an incredibly talented artist on the spot. Who will create an accurate silhouette for you in a matter of minutes? About $12 is the cost of the silhouettes. The black oval ornate frame is an additional $11 if you wish to buy it. The total cost of the silhouettes and frames was just over $25. Those which I have displayed on my son’s bedroom wall just like his sister does in her room. 

 There is an ornament for everybody, from Mickey bulbs to glass slippers, from villains to heroes, from attractions to iconic Disney foods. If you want to commemorate your magical vacation even further, you can personalize one with your family’s name and/or year! You can celebrate your love for Disney around your Christmas tree with these affordable souvenirs, typically ranging from $10-$20 (though they can cost more or less). You can find amazing Disney ornaments and personalization options at Magic Kingdom’s Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe and Disney Springs’ Days of Christmas.
Pressed Pennies Walt Disney World

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