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Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort – Orlando

Caribbean Beach Resort – Disney Orlando

Caribbean Beach Resort is a Moderate hotel at Walt Disney World with a tropic theme. This review highlights new room photos. The thoughts on the reimagining, Skyliner gondola transportation, pool & dining info. Plus details on facilities offered by Riviera Resort. It is the sister DVC campus to CBR.  During Walt Disney World’s phased reopening. The Caribbean Beach Resort will be the first Moderate range hotel to open. As a matter of fact,  the Caribbean Beach was the only moderate resort running for a few months. Coronado Springs wasn’t scheduled to reopen until October 14, 2020. Even that might just be Gran Destino Tower. Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter. They too have no scheduled reopening date.

Caribbean Beach Resort – Bookings

In the other hand, if you have a Walt Disney World vacation scheduled. With a Moderate Resort stay between now and the remainder of 2020. Also, even if you’re reserved outside. There is a very good chance you would be moved to Caribbean Beach. That may not be perfect if you prefer the themes of Coronado Springs. Port Orleans Resorts, but they believe Caribbean Beach has more going for it than any additional Moderate. The advantages of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort basically come down to a few elements. First and most importantly, the Disney Skyliner gondola. Caribbean Beach Resort is the hub for the Skyliner. With only two stations offering access to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot. Plus Art of Animation, Pop Century, and Riviera Resorts.

They use the Skyliner often and are huge fans. Through the temporary abnormal of Walt Disney World’s phased reopening. The Skyliner is operating with only one party per cabin. Second, Disney’s Riviera Resort is now open. By this meaning construction on this new Disney Vacation Club estate near to Caribbean Beach is completed. That’s one plus for supporters of the tranquil and serene atmosphere that CBR offers. The other advantage is the facilities of Disney’s Riviera Resort allows. While Caribbean Beach Resort guests cannot pool hop to Riviera. Then you’ll do have access to nearly all other facilities. You can also take a slow stroll around the grounds. As the pathway that circles Barefoot Bay declares by both resorts.

Caribbean Beach Resort – Dining

Dining is the big thing, as Disney’s Riviera Resort has some unusual alternatives. Being fans of the upscale dining options at Primo Piatto. One of which is a top 5 entree in of all Walt Disney World counter service. Likewise, Le Petit Café, Bar Riva, and the pool gelato station are all solid choices. Some also love Topolino’s Terrace. Both the Signature dinner and the Physically-Distanced Character Breakfast à la Art with Mickey & Friends. For more info regarding the sister estate to Caribbean Beach. The discuss our Disney’s Riviera Resort Review. Lastly, Caribbean Beach’s is the most improved of all the Moderate Resorts. Previous to the opening of Disney’s Riviera Resort. The Caribbean Beach underwent a massive. A multi-year reimagining to improve and enhance its facilities and design.

The Old Port Royale lobby area and check-in. The Centertown Market, Banana Cabana, and Sebastian’s Bistro are all completely different or revised. The update at Caribbean Beach was far more important than a standard refurbishment. It was handled perfectly, as you can tell from their Photos & Thoughts: Re-Imagined Caribbean Beach Resort. If you want an opinion of just the way how good these projects went. Check out our revised Polynesian v. Caribbean Beach Resort Comparison. Follow the cost distinction among the two in mind when reading that. The Poly is at most limited duplicate to triple the cost of Caribbean Beach.

Some of the fans of Caribbean Beach, they had a good amount of trepidation regarding the resort’s re-imagining. Plus the additions of the Skyliner and Disney’s Riviera Resort. We’ve stayed at Caribbean Beach Resort several times in the past year. This trio of additions is all largely positive. And even if they have eroded some of the secluded and lush tropical vibe. Of all the resort. Getting forward to the establishment of the resort review. Let’s start with a summary. Being located near Epcot, Caribbean Beach Resort has proper proximity. To the theme parks. Thanks to the Skyliner, there is now also a novel and efficient mode of transportation between CBR and couple parks.

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Old Moderates of Caribbean Beach Resort

This re-imagining was undertaken because Caribbean Beach Resort is the oldest of the Moderates. There have been accusations that its facilities are starting to show their age. These upgrades re-assert Caribbean Beach Resort’s place as one of the best Moderate Resorts. In the centre of Caribbean Beach Resort separating most of the guest room buildings. These from Old Port Royale is Barefoot Bay, a 45-acre lake. Managing around the lake is a 1.4-mile path. With additional paths pointing to all guest bedrooms. It seems like the perfect resort for a morning run. As well as racing around to photograph the sunrise.

In the centre of all this is, Caribbean Cay, which is an island with a lush picnic and play area. It also breaks up the walk across the huge lake. The resort itself likely benefits from its age. As its twenty plus years in existence have given the greenery at the resort. A very good opportunity to convert pretty lush and ready. Within this tropical paradise, rooms are spread among 6 villages: Trinidad, Barbados, Martinique, Aruba, and Jamaica.

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Caribbean Beach Resort’s Prices

Getting to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, or Disney Springs from CBR. Those can still take some time due to the resort’s internal bus loop. This internal loop can add extra ten minutes to transit times. Also, determine the bus arrives at your stop nearly full during peak times. Because of this, they usually use uber to get to and from those parks. The price is $8-15 per trip. It’s something worth considering if you find yourself frustrated with the bus service at CBR.

Caribbean Beach Resort’s central hall and customer check-in are now located in Old Port Royale. If yourself stated elsewhere that it’s in the Custom House. That info is old, as Custom House forever closed years ago. The concentration of the lobby and check-in in Old Port Royale is a marked enhancement. This area is available to many guest rooms. Whereas Custom House wasn’t convenient to anything.

Along with Saratoga Springs and Old Key West, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is one of the most sprawling resorts at Walt Disney World. Some personally take is that this gives it more of a true retreat feel with more to travel. Yet being reasonable minds could certainly differ on that one. It’s quite a trek from the most remote rooms to Old Port Royale. By this meaning, it could be a nuisance to get breakfast. On the plus side, this will make you less likely to eat those instant-eggs and rubber-bacon.

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Caribbean Beach Resort – Reviews

On the dining aspect, some good news is that during the resort re-imagining. Coke Freestyle devices and smaller Island Marketplaces were added throughout the resort. You can have one of these 5 minutes from your room. The resort map you receive at check-in will indicate where they’re located. At Centertown, you’ll find a trio of dining options. By this means including a table service restaurant. Some food court for quick service dining, and poolside bar. Here are some of their reviews of each.

  1. Sebastian’s Bistro (Table Service) Review
  2. Banana Cabana (Pool Bar) Review
  3. Centertown Market (Counter Service Food Court) Review

Each has a few important, signature items. Those that the report itself highly recommend checking out. There’s another new quick-service restaurant. Which is adjacent to the quiet pool in Trinidad, the Spyglass Grill. They absolutely love this counter-service spot for both breakfast and lunch dinner. Regrettably, neither Spyglass Grill nor Sebastian’s Bistro could operate during the first phase of Caribbean Beach’s reopening. The Banana Cabana and Centertown Market were open until additional notice back then.

If those options are lacking, you could have alcohol and food to prepare for breakfasts. It would be brought to you for a much cheaper price. Find out some of their tips for grocery delivery at Walt Disney world post for more info. Caribbean Beach has a nice marina near Old Port Royale. Which rents out boats and bicycles. There also are parking lots, an arcade, volleyball, sand beaches. Not leaving aside some other standard Moderate Resort amenities available. All of those at Caribbean Beach Resort.

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Walt Disney World Onsite Hotels

As is the case with all Walt Disney World on-site hotels. Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is fully integrated into My Disney Experience. Which means that customers take MagicBands and more. The pool at Old Port Royale is pretty awesome. You might as well call it Old Fort Royale. As it is reminiscent of the Spanish forts under seize at the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean. Everyone knows that anything pertaining to pirates is unquestionably awesome. This way the Caribbean Beach Resort gets serious points for the pool.

It’s a really cool pool consider it to be one of the best at Walt Disney World. Kids would really enjoy playing pirate in its many forms. The complete with authentic working cannons. For those adults who are more mature. You can always play a pirate by chugging a bottle of rum. Staggering around on one of the white sand beaches at Caribbean Beach Resort. While lamenting the fact that the rum is always gone.

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More on Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Overall, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is a very nice place to stay. Especially if you enjoy the theme and the sprawling resort grounds. It’s now a very fair hotel with a large amount of upside. A diverse slate of restaurants, plenty of recreation options, beautiful grounds to enjoy. Some efficient Skyliner transportation to Epcot and DHS. Between the new dining, other amenities, and this gondola transportation. Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort has some of the same selling points as Deluxe Resorts.

Being an of Caribbean Beach Resort, but now that it’s basically a Poor Man’s Polynesian. While the may not be as nice as its tropical cousin. Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, it does offer significantly better value for money thanks to its regular facilities. Not leaving aside the excellent rooms.

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