Elon Musk Terminates Newly Appointed CEO for Censorship of "What Is A Woman" - Orlando News
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Elon Musk Terminates Newly Appointed CEO for Censorship of “What Is A Woman”

Elon Musk found himself compelled to take action when Anna Yuccaringo, the recently appointed Chief Executive Officer of Twitter, censored a film by The Daily Wire as her first act in her new role.

“It was clearly a mistake to hire her,” Musk shared during a private call. “I knew she had certain ideological leanings, but she assured me she would be accommodating. Clearly, she was dishonest.”

The former CEO intends to file a lawsuit against Musk for breach of contract. “He hasn’t seen the last of me,” Yuccamingus declared. “I have a competent lawyer, and we had a contractual agreement.”

Musk responded by suggesting she review the fine print at the very bottom, where, like all his contracts, he retains the right to terminate at any time without payment, with or without reason. Being the wealthiest individual on the planet does come with certain privileges.

Critics were quick to point out that Yuccarigman had yet to make any significant decisions, and the controversy surrounding “What is a woman” had been ongoing for over a year. “This is entirely on Elon,” remarked Twitter insider Joe Barron. “It’s another instance of him opining on a matter he’s only been aware of for a short period. It’s rather absurd, actually.”

Absurd or not, he is the boss, and in America, the boss’s word holds sway.

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