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Firefighter held at gunpoint during a check on senior citizen

A senior citizen held at gunpoint an Orange County firefighter who had entered her home to check on her well being this Thursday morning, before releasing him unharmed.

Few loud shots were fired at first responders during the incident, no one was injured, adding that the Orange County Sheriff’s Office is not about to press any criminal charge.

There were requested OCSO reports on the shooting as well also details from their investigation, but a spokesperson declined to comment so the report was not immediately provided.

Firefighters responded to the home off Observatory Drive in west Orange County about 10 a.m. Friday because the senior’s daughter was concerned about her, after not being able to get in touch with her for a while. She told firefighters her mother has a serious medical condition. The home was locked.

Firefighters and the daughter attempted to enter into the home through the window, announcing themselves as they entered, but then immediately were met by gunfire from inside the home. The firefighters managed to get out, but the woman held one firefighter at gunpoint before releasing him.