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Florida Needs Stricter Covid-19 measures – The Task Forces Recommendation

A report from the White House’s Task Force recommended immediate more stringent rules for preventing the virus

This includes mask-wearing nonstop whenever citizens are outdoors. Also, enhanced physical distancing by decreasing capacity, and closing indoor places. Places that should be shut down are restaurants and bars and restricting companies outside of important households. The Trump government holds the papers mainly confidence, sharing them with governors but not with the public. But the task force is still trying to paint for Americans the terrible picture of the country’s cases and hospitalizations.

The latest report collected by the Center for Public Integrity also advised administrators to begin counseling about the risks of crowding through the December festival season. The report states that the Center for Public Integrity also advised administrators to begin counseling about the risks of gathering through the month.

The Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has ordered out additional business limitations or a face covering mandate pointed at preventing the virus’s spread. DeSantis earlier this month at an elementary school in Kissimmee said that no one’s losing their job because of a government command. Nobody’s losing their resources or their company. The White House Coronavirus Task Force is chaired by Vice President Mike Pence, and Dr. Deborah Birx works as its response coordinator. The task force’s reports are sent to governors across the U.S.

WKRG | White House Coronavirus Task Force calls on Florida to create stricter measures to slow the spread of the virus

Two Florida newspapers sue Gov. DeSantis for declining to deliver virus reports

Two papers the week before have accused DeSantis’ administration of declining to make public the weekly news about coronavirus updates. The Sunshine State put together by the White House Coronavirus Task Force. The lawsuit filed by the Orlando Sentinel and its co-worker paper, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

The sunshine state local newspapers said that the DeSantis administration is breaking the Public Records Act by denying to show the reports. Those reports provide support and photographs of virus circumstances state by state. The Florida Department of Health Sunday reported a total number of 1.12 million cases within the state. A daily increase of nearly 9,000 late cases, and 20,133 recorded deaths, a regular rise of higher than 80 deaths.

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