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Guide To Best Orlando Fishing Lakes

Orlando Fishing Lakes

What do you think of when you think about Florida? What comes to mind when you think of Disney, oranges, and beaches? Florida is also known for its fishing. These are just a few of the things Florida is known for. Sportfishing is a very popular activity in Florida and this is for very good reasons. World-class fisheries are found in this massive state. Freshwater bass fishing in Central Florida stands out as a particularly special activity. On Lake Tohopekaliga, Orlando hosted the biggest bass fishing tournaments in 1971 and 2001. I don’t know what else to say about fishing in Central Florida if that doesn’t convey something. It’s not just about fishing bass here, as there are many kinds of fish to be found. The sport of
fighting fish is great. If you’re planning on fishing in Orlando, you should know about these five lakes.
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To start this article with the Clear Lake. We enjoy taking home fresh fish for dinner from Clear Lake in Central Florida. A hybrid striped bass is labeled a catch and keep fish in this lake by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. Anglers are encouraged to keep what they catch. Exactly for that purpose is this lake is stocked every year. In addition to being relatively close to downtown Orlando, Clear lake is also easily accessible. Bass can grow fast in this lake because the shad are abundant. There is no size restriction on the number of fish you may possess per day. Besides largemouth bass and channel catfish, there is also black crappie, which makes excellent eating. There are specific regulations for each fish that are always changing.
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Clear Lake Florida

Fishing Lakes Orlando

There is also Lake Ivanhoe located in the heart of downtown Orlando. Even from I-4, this lake is visible and is therefore very popular with anglers. While there are many anglers fishing here, this doesn’t detract from the beauty of this lake. In this lake, it is not unusual to see fish weighing 8-10 lbs. In the case of trophy largemouth bass hunting, you have a shot of getting a monster if you know what you’re doing.
Despite the fact that this lake is not so much about “chasing giants”, there is still plenty to enjoy. As long as you’re looking for some fun fishing, you can use familiar lures like jerk bait and plastic worms. You can keep up to five largemouth bass per day. If they are 14 inches or longer, and you only need to catch a maximum of 14 inches. The longest fish you can catch is 22 inches.
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Ivanhoe Village, Orlando

At Starke Lake, the people staying in the Universal/Disney side of town will be able to use this lake. Anglers are most likely to enjoy this lake out of all of these five. Near Lakeshore Park is Starke Lake. There is also a fishing pier (which is stocked with bait every Tuesday and Thursday by the city). The outdoor bathrooms at this park. This lake is sometimes called a “bass factory” by fish biologists. There is a lot of fish in the area, which is the reason behind the nickname. Every Florida lake has the same rules and regulations.
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Person Fishing, Lakes in Orlando

Orlando Bass Fishing

Turkey lake has been featured in BASSMASTER at least once, but there is no obvious reason for its name. Its location could not be better since the closest Bass Pro Shops is in Orlando. They are only a few minutes away. The bass lake is next to a superstore selling bass fishing gear, so it couldn’t get any better, right? Here’s where you are mistaken. Rent an aluminum bass boat for only $32 a day from the city of Orlando and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. There is an amazing lake where you can fish with a bass boat for only $32 per day. An anchor and a trolling motor are included in the package. While the average size of largemouth range from 1-4lbs, there are also some 10lb monsters to be found.
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Turkey Lake Orlando

Lake Underhill by this let me end with the most famous lake of them all, Lake Underhill. Lake Orlando is known by Orlando locals as that big body of water off of Interstate 408. The lake is a notoriously difficult place to catch trophy largemouth bass, which few people are aware of. There is plenty of buzz about this lake and the very large creatures that anglers catch there. This lake is ideal for trophy fishing if you’ve come to Florida for it. It can be painful and tedious to catch really large bass, but if you have the patience, it will all be worth it in the end. This species of monster prefers to eat live shads, but shads are very expensive. Almost a dozen baits cost almost $10 at many local tackle shops.
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Lake Underhill

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