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Guide To Volcano Bay Orlando To Experiencing Tropical Life

Volcano Bay Orlando

White sand beaches, dense foliage, relaxing waterfalls, warm sunny skies. These are just a few of the top things you will experience during your tropical vacation at Universal Volcano Bay. Add to that the unforgettable volcanic landscape, glistening lazy river, and delicious umbrella drinks. I mean you have found a piece of paradise in central Florida. Overlooking the sky, to be honest, these views are absolutely incredible. When you stay in our volcano-side room in the newest tower at Universal Studios Cabana Bay Beach Resort. You open the curtains to take you to a tropical oasis. In addition to the standard room, you can also book a two-bedroom suite and bring the whole family to your tropical resort.

Volcano Bay Orlando

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Stroll right into Volcano Bay, when staying in Cabana Bay, you can choose to take a short bus ride to Volcano Bay. All without having to drive or take a shuttle bus. These hotels are just stepping away from the park, so you can start a tropical day quickly and easily. You might consider before heading to Volcano Bay, set up your account on the official Universal Studios Orlando app. This way you only need the room key and sunscreen to easily pay for tropical drinks. 

Volcano Bay Orlando Cabana Bay

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In order to get the best of it, wake up to a beautiful sunrise. A benefit of staying at the Universal Hotel is the ability to take advantage of early entry to the park. With it, you and other hotel guests can glide into the park an hour before it opens to the public. If you are bathing in the cool breeze of the morning sun with only the sound of running water, this is your best option. Be sure to check early park admission time before setting off your alarm. 

Volcano Bay Cabana Resort

Relax in your own private cabin paradise. There are many things in the cabin, but what you need to know is that when you enjoy that view. You will be pampered and cared for. Concierge service is provided with the cabin, so food and drinks will be delivered directly to you. Floating, relaxing, and rafting, you have entered the park and prepared a chair to relax and bathe to the sound of the Krakatau waterfall.
Krakatau Waterfall

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Now is the time for the water to carry you down the winding Kopiko Wai River. Do not fall asleep completely, you do not want to miss the magical illuminated night sky inside the Stargazing Cave. Sip on a fruity drink and souvenir mug to end your day in paradise. Be sure to save your mugs and buy refills and nice souvenirs at a reduced price.

Volcano Bay Waturi Beach

On the perfect waves of Waturi Beach, you can experience the warm tropical waters while listening to the iconic Krakatau volcano waterfall towering over you. Listen to the following wave signal from the tribal gong every 15 minutes. Disappearing into the wonders of Waterfall Bay The true hidden gem of Volcano Bay.

Volcano Bay Waturi Beach

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Hidden in the corner of Krakatau is a mysterious little cascading bay. This bay makes you feel as if you have been transported to a unique and exotic place. Bring your waterproof phone case, because this bay is one of the most scenic programmable locations in the park. Bring your waterproof phone case, because this bay is one of the most scenic programmable locations in the park.

Volcano Bay Krakatau

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Volcano Bay Accommodation

If you plan to incorporate Volcano Bay into the Universal Orlando Resort, it is not strongly recommended that you stay at one of the Universal Studios hotels. You have a lot of incredible choices. No matter what you choose, you can prevent sand from entering your car, this is the real dream here.  This is the idea and can help you narrow it down.
Universal`s Cabana Bay Beach Resort. Living in Cabana Bay is the first best suggestion you can have is to visit Volcano Bay. First of all, Cabana Bay and Volcano Bay are very close; you can even book standard rooms or family suites with views of Volcano Bay. When you are ready to get up and leave, you will be able to enter a scenic trail that takes you directly from Cabana Bay to the park.
Universal`s Cabana Bay Beach Resort

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In addition, your entire Cabin Bay experience will take you to a seaside resort in the 1950s with Volcano Bay in the backyard. Universal`s Aventura Hotel or Loews Sapphire Falls Resort Universal Studios’ Aventura Hotel and Loews Sapphire Falls Resort. They are also very close to Volcano Bay you can even watch the night volcanic light and eruption at Bar 17 Bistro, Aventura’s rooftop bar. They can also enter the walking path that leads directly to Volcano Bay. 
Volcano Bay Cabin Bay

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Even though some of these hotels still might be closed. However, Hard Rock Hotel, Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, Loews Royal Pacific Resort, Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort. Universal’s Endless Summer Resort-Dockside Inn & Suites are currently open. Another benefit of staying at the Universal Hotel is early entry to Volcano Bay Park, allowing you to freely choose the perfect beach chair in the world. Make sure to enjoy breakfast and relax at Kohola Reef Restaurant and Social Club, or get the first meal before others, on your favorite trip.
Hard Rock Hotel Orlando

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Volcano Bay Tapu-Tapu

TapuTapu has completely changed the theme water park gaming experience. After arriving at Volcano Bay, you will get the portable device you used that day, and you can use it to make cashless purchases through TapTu Pay and enjoy an engaging interactive experience throughout the park. However, the main way to use TapuTapu is to provide a virtual circuit experience for the rides. Just go to the attractions that interest you, click on your TapuTapu. Make sure to explore other areas of the park while you wait.

Then your TapuTapu will vibrate to alert you when to return and ride your bike. Lockers of various sizes are available for rent at five different locations in Volcano Bay. They all have a kiosk that can guide you on how to pay for the locker and sync it with your TapuTapu for easy completion throughout the day. There are also private lockers when you book a private cabin or a premium seating option.

Volcano Bay Tapu-Tapu

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Definitely recommend bringing a towel there are some available to rent, but for ease. I would say bring your own. By wearing a swimsuit with some sort of cover-up, and wearing shoes that can get wet. Other than that, I would say travel light with the same necessities you’d pack for a day at the beach. Refillable water bottle, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, etc. Just remember whatever you bring needs to easily fit into a locker or be left behind at your beach chair when you ride the rides.

Volcano Bay Activities

Waturi beach is hard to miss, just go to the bottom of the Krakatau volcano! Take a dip in the wave pool for a dip or just enjoy the view of the beach with your toes. I like thrill rides and body slides like anyone else, but sometimes it is nice to relax in the leisure pool.
Puka Uli Lagoon offers you this opportunity; there are also some interesting bongo drums to play. Another leisure pool like Puka Uli Lagoon. Only this pool has its own private waterfall and can beat all the benefits: from The Reef to the rider, the front seat can be sat and the rider can bravely experience the Ko`okiri Body Plunge.
Volcano Bay Activities

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Volcano Bay Kids

River Village if you are visiting Volcano Bay with your children. Take them through Runamukka Reef to explore this children’s play area. Many water slides and marine life spray water for your enjoyment. River Village Tot Tiki is also a children’s playground, although it is more suitable for older children. In addition, there is a small volcano and a small rock worth seeing.

Volcano Bay Kids

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Volcano Bay Restaurants

Island food is my choice and if there is a chance to eat something coconut-based at the foot of a volcano I will stay. It is a breezy spot on the beach where you can grab a bite to eat or if you have a private cabin or upscale seating. Sit back and order your favorite tropical treats. Whakawaiwai Eats at River Village. A perfect place for a combination of island atmosphere and pizza. There are also plenty of healthy options here if you suddenly remember that you have to wear your swimsuit for the rest of the day! Island BBQ Chicken Pizza is a great choice if you love pizza. But everybody is also a fan of the handmade Caesar salad and the one from Whakawawaiwai is amazing!
Bambu Rainforest Village Hunt Bambu for a variety of delicious burgers, sandwiches, and salads.  The Quinoa Edamame Burger is easily one of the best burgers people ever had. The meat options included. It is really delicious and typing this right now makes me want it. Grab a chocolate pineapple upside-down cake to finish the meal. Rainforest Village Frog Eaters I mean, where else are you going to find a frog restaurant. Another great place to eat and this one has TACOS. It has a hard time choosing between Chicken Tacos and Poke Poke Bowl. This way you order one, you order the other. Koka Poroka Ice Cream Kona Wave Village What is a day in the water park without ice cream? I don’t even want to know. 
Volcano Bay Restaurants

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