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High Tech Mitzvah Orlando

A young child needs to celebrate their Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah. During this time, they only go through it once. Many parents believe it is essential to make this night special for their children. These coming-of-age moments can be made special thanks to an entire industry. Here are some fun interactive entertainment ideas your kids can enjoy at their Mitzvah.
To start with the Giant Space Invaders. You should first look into a Giant Space Invaders game if you’re doing a themed bar/bat mitzvah based on an 80’s theme. Having this arcade game at a bar or bat mitzvah is a beautiful addition. Play on a giant LED screen as two players battle alien invasions with their cannons.
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Speed Of Light Arcade Game, their next high-tech mitzvah rental we recommend, is the Speed of Light game! A competition for bragging rights with other people is a lot of fun. Precisely that is what you can do in the Speed of Light Arcade game. Before the clock runs out, two players try to hit as many lights as possible before it runs out. Virtual Reality Rentals | Oculus Rift. You can immerse yourself in virtually any environment with virtual reality. The Climb lets you scale more significant than life heights; Vader Immortal takes you into another galaxy. You can Keep Talking, and Nobody Explodes you work with your friends to stop a bomb.
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Then you will have the LED Strolling Performers. With LED Performers, your event will be a dazzling success. There are LED Robots and strolling LED Tables that will make you the talk of the town. This is the perfect way to serve select items that are lightweight. Featuring several changing colors, the circular tray measures 11 inches on each side. Alternatively, you can hire a live DJ and drummer to act like “mix and stix” with LED robot people on stilts. Your grand opening show can be a complete show designed to wow your guests. Lastly, the LED Video Wall is so last year to have a DJ and some dancers. For your DJ booth, a LED Video Wall will help you create the atmosphere of a concert. When the DJ and lights are in sync, your mitzvah will be a memorable experience.

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