In some states of Europe, the number of Covid-19 hospitalizations is changing

This week France has seen a decrease in infected hospitalizations. This week marks the first time since September that numbers of the infected cases have lowered. Experts believe that after the two-week lockdown helped to lower the covid-19 hospitalizations, this helped to put at ease hospital strains. This is great hope for France, even though most of the hospital beds are not available.

But still is too early to officially declared that France is at a better place for covid-19. A one day drop in hospitals of France hit the peak in this second outbreak of the pandemic. France has had the highest number of infected cases in Europe. France has reported, 44,246 virus-related deaths. After a while, the government had requested a nationwide lockdown due to these reports. French doctors, use their knowledge and experience to treat positive cases.

Meanwhile in COLOMBO, Sri Lanka. In highly congested prisons, were around 400 covid related positive cases. Sri Lankan prisons are highly congested with more than 26,000 inmates crowded in facilities designed to hold about 10,000. Sri Lanka has faced a fresh outbreak of the disease since last month. Sri Lanka’s total number of positive cases reached 16,582 on Sunday with 53 fatalities.

Chefs in Belgium and elsewhere try to scrape through a second pandemic lockdown that is likely to threaten even the lucrative Christmas season. Sergio Herman, who has run a three-star restaurant said that. “Sometimes you feel that whatever you built up over the years is slipping like sand through your fingers. It gives you this kind of fear,” he added. In most places in Europe, exclusive restaurants have lost the precious appeal of the luxury dining experience. “All that cannot just be replaced by a box and a plastic tray. That is just impossible,” he also said.