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In The Camping World Stadium, The Nonprofit Distributes 2,000 Bags of Food.

The ReachBack foundation with some other organizations gave away thousands of bags with foods at Camping World Stadium.

This Friday the food pantry was opened and organizers said they plan to hand out up to 2,000 bags of food. Many cars were already lined up a few hours before the event was to begin.

Redgie Tadena said that he was denied food stamps recently and is still furloughed from his job due to the pandemic situation. He was more than grateful for the food.

“I have bills mounting, literally I’ve depended on my food source and this generosity while my income now is through unemployment benefits which we all know is a hit or miss,” said Tadena.

Sandra Henry founder of ReachBack said she wanted to “go big” to help families struggling from the global health pandemic. She said she got support from all over Central Florida to make the food pantry possible.

She reached out to Polk County, they offered support also Regina Hill the commissioner made a donation to help with this. The mayor, the city, and the OPD were thanked for their agreement to make this all possible.

The event lasts until all the supplies are handed out. Anyone hoping to pick up the supplies can head to 1 Citrus Bowl Place in Orlando.