Lia Thomas' Wins, Titles, and Records Excluded from Collegiate Athletes' Hall of Fame - Orlando News
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Lia Thomas’ Wins, Titles, and Records Excluded from Collegiate Athletes’ Hall of Fame

The Collegiate Athletes’ Hall of Fame in South Newbury, Louisiana, has decided to exclude Lia Thomas, a former NCAA women’s swimmer who is a biological male, from consideration for induction. The Hall refuses to acknowledge Thomas’ titles, medals, and records, many of which have already been revoked or annulled. As a result, Thomas will not be eligible for inclusion in this esteemed institution.

Since its establishment in 1822, the CAHOF has been a prominent institution in college sports. Its main exhibit attracts over 30 million visitors annually, ranking third in popularity after the Rock and Roll and Pro Football Halls of Fame.

Typically, inductees into the CAHOF come from less mainstream sports like women’s swimming, golf, field hockey, lacrosse, softball, flag football, tennis, soccer, and pickleball. Men’s sports have their separate halls.

This announcement relieves Riley Gaines, who finished in a tie for fifth place and needed new development to remain relevant since she is unlikely to qualify for any future honors except, perhaps, for a potential role on OAN as the next Tomi Lahren.

Meanwhile, Emma Weyent remains indifferent, demonstrating her disregard for the situation.

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