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New restrictions near the Thanksgiving holiday

Mike Pence the Vice President, said that the U.S is ready to help states where hospitals are nearing capacity and emphasizing that vaccines are coming.

As the Thanksgiving holiday is approaching governors and mayors are planning to make new Covid-19 restrictions. They believe that holiday traveling and family gatherings will worsen the record-breaking of positive cases.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said “I must again pull back the reins,” and also added that “It gives me no joy.”Some states are ordering their residents to stay home and keep their distance in order to keep away the threat of overwhelming the health care system. New Mexico and Washington and cities such as Philadelphia and Chicago one of the firsts who announced this.

The Covid-19 Vaccine Update

As the first vaccine is put on for trying, made by Moderna Inc. This vaccine based on its early results is 94% effective. Also, Pfizer disclosed similar findings with its own formula as well.

Those two vaccines raised hope to everyone, those two could win the authorization and become available in the U.S. before the end of 2020. The number of positive covid-19 cases is drastically increasing in the U.S. 70,000 people were hospitalized, 13,000 others than a week earlier. The projects which track the Covid-19 updates showed that deaths in the U.S. are running at more than 1,100 per day on average. More than 246,000 deaths are caused due to Covid-19, 11 million confirmed infections in the U.S.

“The limits on indoor and outdoor crowds are being tightened. Restricting indoor gatherings to 10 people, down from 25, will lead to frustration but said that little about this year has been normal,” Murphy stated. In Mexico starting today the citizens there are under the stay at home order. Only grocery stores and pharmacies will be open. All the stores must limit capacity to 25%. In Washington, households will be barred from gathering indoors unless they have quarantined. There is no order to this, the governor hopes that the citizens will obey the rule.

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