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Orlando’s ICON Park will have 2 new attractions in 2021

Orlando’s New Attractions

For the attention fun-seekers. If it has crossed your mind. Orlando previously had a long list of fun rides. Ideas are only expanding. By summer 2021 two new attractions will be built. This was announced by the Slingshot Group of Companies announced Monday. The profits to International Drive combine the world’s tallest slide tower. This is considered the world’s tallest slingshot ride. The ICON Park Drop Tower will strike 430 feet lifting 30 riders up. Such beautiful sites can be seen.

The drop tower will turn around dispensing the shape before entering the top. When it will then tilt ahead 30 degrees and drop passengers in a 400-foot free fall at speeds of over 75 mph. The ICON Park Slingshot reaches 300 feet and will launch two riders. This is known as an “exploding volcano” to approximately 450 meters into the sky at more than 100 mph. The Slingshot Group of Companies is committed to bringing the highest fun to Orlando. Richie Armstrong the owner stated it. Armstrong stated that he and his staff are very excited about this. This is the world’s greatest slingshot and free-standing slide tower at ICON Park. It stands on the reverse of the Orlando StarFlyer, the world’s highest motion ride. This is very exciting news. Sounds like it’s going to be a magnificent summer in Central Florida.

Orlando Entertainment District’s Magical – Icon Park

As the range of magma erupts, visitors will launch drivers 450 feet in the air at 100 yelling miles per hour. After rolling to the feeling of momentary weightlessness, thrill-seekers will encounter an exciting rush as they come back to the ground. There is no doubt of it, this tantalizingly exciting new display is not for the ones who get easily scared. Related to this is the Orlando Slingshot at the Orlando Entertainment District’s Magical Midway.  The ICON Park Drop Tower will carry riders 40 stories up within the Orlando sky. For sure this is one of the fastest, softest spin systems to date. CON Park and the rest of “The District” welcome visitors to the newest fun place in Orlando. Beforehand make the proper traveling plans for a great new experience.

Make sure to check the full getaway in the middle of the Orlando Entertainment District. With an invocation of places to enjoy a nice meal. Including amusement, and lots of fun. The best place to visit is conquering Orlando’s tallest thrills. The giants are coming to ICON Park aswell.

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