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Rangers’ Panarin expresses his concern over NHL return and finances.

NHL MVP candidate Artemi Panarin this Thursday has mentioned that he has concerns about the season resuming and the health & safety of players, about finances as well.

There was a statement posted on Twitter by New York Ranger wingers expressing his concern about the “Long-term prosperity of the NHL” One of his major concerns is the escrow payments made by players in recent years.

However, he said that “We are all in this together”.

There are some negotiations between The League and NHL players about the collective bargaining agreement along with a potential return to play amid the coronavirus pandemic. The current CBA expires in 2022.

Panarin is a 28-year-old from Russia, now in his fifth season. His 95 points helped the Rangers into the 11th place in the Eastern Conference when the season was suspended, it got them into the expanded 24-team playoffs.