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The City Fish Restaurant | Orlando City Fish

Orlando City Fish

Located in your neighborhood, Cityfish serves seafood. We serve fresh seafood daily, as well as seasonal items. Their full liquor bar offers beer, wine, and other beverages. City fish is an urban interpretation of the classic coastal fish shack and offers indoor and outdoor seating in a relaxed atmosphere. Despite its location downtown, it is a simple seafood joint—an impressive warehouse-style building filled with seafood-themed decor and mermaids. They don’t have a vast menu, but what they do have is done well. Vinnie B. served us. The dinner there was on a Monday night. Usually, visitors visit Vinnie for lunch, but at dinner, he was excellent. Visitors had about ten people at our table, but we got everything we needed quickly and were well taken care of. There is a slight, intimate feel here in the heart of downtown Orlando. You can enjoy happy hour here or go on a date here!
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Great place to spend the summer. A convention brought us into town, and we were craving freshly-caught fish. Downtown, we found this place that made the entire trip worthwhile. Meals served all sorts of seafood to our group, including shrimp, shellfish, swordfish, and fish tacos. The performances were all outstanding. The atmosphere at City fish is excellent, the service is fantastic, and the food is amazing.
I’m looking forward to returning next year! With its comfortable, neighborhood atmosphere and South Florida’s best seafood selection, City Fish Market offers the best of everything. In addition to the lakeside setting, guests can enjoy the stunning views from the restaurant, where the soothing blues and whites of the decor make the environment feel calm and relaxing. This is an experience shared by an Orlando citizen.
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Orlando City Fish | Seafood Orlando

City Fish Restaurant

People are blown away by the service from start to finish. At least two servers will assist you at all times as we ordered drinks and appetizers. Those who were not too hungry could order lighter/cheaper options, or those who wanted an entire meal could order more extensive options. It was perfect to start with Blackened Mahi Nachos. For $9, the amount of fish was a little small, but it was worth it. I thought the portion of Fish Dip was quite large, based on the couple next to me who ordered it.
Sunday’s Special Of The Day (Sunday) was 2lbs of crab legs for $20. This way several of the guests jumped on this offer. As much as guests want more, they cannot possibly eat any more. That’s after you gave away quite a few legs for others to eat. Guests do not have any trouble cracking the crab open even after it had been sitting on their plate for 10 minutes.  Most costumer overall experience is very positive. While there might be a couple of minor discrepancies in the checks. That is normal for a large party of 23 people. People look forward to returning to this place soon and recommend it to others.
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Seafood Orlando

City Fish Orlando Experience

As a downtown spot for seafood and upscale drinks, Cityfish turned out to be a decent choice. People opted for seafood while dining near Lake Eola. This way they ended up there. It was a lovely, slightly upscale seafood eatery, which we had never eaten at together. The drinks are delicious but not as good as you’d get at a speakeasy or cocktail type of place. We got there just before seven on a Saturday morning and found out there was still happy hour. My bottle of Pear-fact gin was relatively good (3.5 stars). I had the $1 off special drinks discount. This way clients might choose that item. It was pretty good (like a solid 4-star cocktail). The second cocktail usually is their specialty bourbon cocktail.
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City Fish Restaurant

Whenever you decide to have a meal with avocado. As a whole, the dish is good, and I was delighted. Meals cooked it perfectly with the veggie toppings providing a balance to the flavor. Additionally, it is served with a black bean mixture. Despite the small portion, it was incredibly delicious. Great location! I love it!  On a gorgeous afternoon or evening, this is the perfect place for people to watch. There are also seats at the bar where you can watch a game while sipping a drink.  It is an excellent place for a date night and a place to relax at the bar.

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