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Sesame Street SeaWorld

Sesame Street has officially moved into SeaWorld Orlando! A new land from the popular children’s show brings the show to life. As part of the 50th-anniversary celebration, it premiered in March 2019. SeaWorld Orlando re-creates Sesame Street itself instead of other SeaWorld and Busch Gardens parks that have Sesame Street-themed areas. Now you can walk to your favorite places in the neighborhood, including Oscar’s trash can and Hooper’s Store!

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The best part is that admission to SeaWorld also includes Sesame Street. This guide highlights everything you need to know about the rides, entertainment—dining options at 123 Sesame Street at SeaWorld Orlando. At SeaWorld Orlando, Sesame Street is featured. Here’s where you can find Sesame Street! It is located adjacent to the Orca Encounter stadium on six acres of land that used to be the Shamu’s Happy Harbor children’s area. Sesame Street is your home from the moment you step in.

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The first time anybody rings the doorbell of Bernie and Ernie, get so excited. Although the tadpoles will enjoy the attractions and rides, frog parents will indeed be hit with nostalgia because the area stays true to the show they also grew up with. Every corner of this video game is filled with immersive theming, interactive elements, and nooks and crannies. There is so much for the little ones to discover! Sesame Street characters like Big Bird, Grover, Bert, Ernie, and Abby Cadabby are available for meeting, too.

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Sesame Street Orlando Rides

The new Sesame Street theme has allowed SeaWorld Orlando to keep many of the original rides from Shamu’s Happy Harbor. Those frogs did a fantastic job.  The Flower Tower of Abby, while spinning in colorful flower pots in Abby’s Flower Tower. There you will be lifted high in the air. In addition to Abby Cadabby being my favorite character, I loved this ride because you get some of the best views of Sesame Street at SeaWorld Orlando! The Twirl ‘n’ Whirl of Big Bird, while spinning teacup ride of Big Bird is a kind of nest of your own. It is up to you how fast or how slow you want to twist your nest!

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Elmo’s Choo Choo Train now it is time to board Elmo’s train! You will see butterflies, caterpillars, and some of Elmo’s special friends. The Twiddlebugs, as you ride through his garden. Slippery Slope spinning, swinging, and swerving worm is Oscar the Grouch’s companion. Then during his compost collection. Since the boat is constantly spinning on a short track, Lily was still a bit dizzy from this rocking “ride”. The train’s all aboard for Elmo! The Twiddlebugs, the name Elmo’s special friends. They are on display as he takes you through his garden. At Super Grover’s Box Car Derby, you have to see this one if you want to thrill yourself. This race is all about Sesame Street’s resident superhero. The family-friendly roller coaster, Super Grover’s Box Car Derby. Climbs hills and zooms down mini-drops before racing to the finish line.

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