The skydivers parachute fails, he ends up dead in north Florida - Orlando News
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The skydivers parachute fails, he ends up dead in north Florida

The victim was practicing for a soon to be held event to honor the families of the fallen police officers.

Skydiving is a sport of jumping from an airplane. Moderating by using the body to control direction or movements till the parachute opens. The Sky Driver was from the Miami team, this fatality happened after his parachute failed to deploy correctly during the jump. This accident happened on Friday, officials reported that the team was in North Florida for practicing. The group of skydivers is all originally from Cuba. They were planning to hold an event for honoring the fallen police families. After the eight hour search, they found the body inside a wooded area. 

“We just wanted to give back thanks to law enforcement,” said Perdomo. “Yuset was very big into what he considered his country and this was a way of giving back to jump with flags on behalf of all the fallen officers.” the victim’s colleague added.  “And the very last jump that they were doing, one of the skydiver’s chutes didn’t deploy fully”, Smith said. “We had it on video where you can see where he released that chute and was trying to open a secondary chute and wasn’t able to get it open in time.”

But what happens after the parachute fails to open when skydiving? 

As fun and exciting as skydiving may seem, this sport attracts thousands of people across the US every year, it is followed by its risk. Below is an explanation of why your parachute might fail while skydiving.

Any change to that process or to the body position of the skydiver when they go to deploy has an impact on it. It is important to focus on the correct packing of that parachute. One in thousand parachutes fails to open.


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