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The Swan / Dolphin Hotel – Orlando

Orlando Swan / Dolphin Hotel Review

For sure Orlando has very beautiful places worth visiting. One of them is the Swan Hotel. In terms of quality, service, and all meaningful review. They are akin to the Yacht & Beach Club, except without any significant thematic differences. As such, I feel it appropriate to lump them together for the purposes of this review. The Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin are on-site hotels near Epcot that are Deluxe-caliber. This hotel review features room photos, thoughts on amenities at both hotels. Value for money, and how these resorts compare to Disney-owned accommodations.

The famous Swan & Dolphin are among the most historically interesting of all the hotels at Walt Disney World. Also, the size and scale of the hotels have made them controversial and divisive among Disney fans. Style is largely in the eye of the beholder, but I have to admit that I am not much of a Michael Graves. This was the architect behind it. To his account, he has a very distinct and conversation-worthy approach. One that makes many of his buildings instantly identifiable. Most of his work for Disney looks straight out of the 1990s.

Walt Disney World Swan, Orlando

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Orlando Swan Resort

Regardless of all that, there are benefits of being official unofficial Disney Resorts. The two biggest of these are location and price. Aside from Shades of Green. No other hotels that are not Disney-owned have as good of a location as the Swan & Dolphin. Located on Crescent Lake alongside BoardWalk Inn and Yacht & Beach Club. The Swan & Dolphin are within walking distance of both Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. With this prime piece of real estate, the Swan & Dolphin actually have a better location.  Then half of the Disney-owned hotels at Walt Disney World. Then there’s the price. At prices often right around $250/night. These places are substantially cheaper than their equivalents. Right at the BoardWalk Inn and Yacht & Beach Club.

Nevertheless, being that they are not Disney-owned hotels. An unfortunate side of the pricing model used by the Swan & Dolphin. Specifically, the non-optional resort fee. We have priced out the Swan & Dolphin. Right on other occasions and found it to be more or less expensive than that. So your mileage may vary. Still, that is less than half the cost of other Crescent Lake resorts. If once you get inside those doors. To get past those oppressive exteriors and frustrating pricing. There is actually a lot to like about the Swan & Dolphin. For most, it all starts with Marriott.

Another area where the Swan & Dolphin are strong is dining. We have not eaten at every restaurant in both hotels. The lineup is pretty staggering, and everywhere I have dined has been solid. From Shula’s Steakhouse to Il Mulino to Kimonos to Bluezoo to Garden Grove and more. These hotels have some of the best dinings on property. While some of these restaurants can be pricey. I feel like their content is usually somewhat better than other on-site areas.

Swan & Dolphin Hotel

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