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Use these helpful strategies to save time, energy, and money when booking a vacation with toddlers and other small children. Make sure you’re ready when you arrive for an exciting adventure! Take into account these factors before your Orlando family vacation! You can leave your everyday stroller at home. You may want to rent one from a theme park or purchase an inexpensive stroller to maneuver through crowds. Stroller rentals in Orlando are another option that you can choose from.
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Make a list of all the things you’ll need on your trip to Orlando, rather than wondering what to bring. For your baby’s bath, remember to bring a baby wash and liquid soap. To help you get through your day, here are some essentials, such as bathing suits for the kids A lightweight stroller, sunscreen, reusable water bottle. Inexpensive rain ponchos. A light sweater or jacket for air-conditioned hotels & restaurants. Some face coverings for children two and up. Diapers and baby food can be shipped directly to your hotel if you want to pack lightly.
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By keeping snacks, you can avoid dealing with a grumpy toddler by having snacks on hand. Snacks become especially important when you have a longer-than-expected wait time for your next meal or picky eaters. As well as create a Trip Playlist to generate a level of excitement around your visit. This means building a playlist of favorite songs from Disney and Universal Studios movies! When you return home, your family can relive the happy memories by singing favorite tunes.
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Considerations when it comes to your toddler’s needs, most hotels will provide free cribs and highchairs. However, it’s a good idea to reserve them in advance when you book your room in most theme parks. All guests will be accommodated in the best way that is possible. Once again, it would help if you researched this in advance. Websites for theme parks often have information about allergies, aside from the above, Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort. The SeaWorld Orlando all allow your food, water, and special dietary items.
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If your child or a family member has any other needs, contact Guest Services at each theme park to inquire about an attraction’s assistance pass. Find out more about the unique needs services provided at theme parks in Orlando by clicking here. Purchasing discounted tickets and special offers from Visit Orlando will help you save money and time at Orlando’s theme parks and attractions.
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You should obtain Express & Fast Passes when they are available for the rides. Then you must see at the theme parks that your toddler will enjoy the most. The Universal Orlando Resort offers the Universal ExpressTM Pass, which requires an additional fee and has no specific time limit. SeaWorld also provides front-line access for an additional fee as well as Quick Queue Unlimited.
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Disney World Resort is launching Disney Genie, a free tool that helps you get the most out of your park visits. Additionally, Lightning Lanes will be available for accelerated access to attractions for a fee. After you arrive, here are some things you need to know. If you follow our pre-arrival suggestions, you will be in good shape for a hassle-free family vacation in the Theme Park Capital of the World. As soon as you arrive, plan what you will do next.
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Breaks in schedule while it’s tempting to want to squeeze everything in, it’s best to give your toddler a break now and then in order exhaustion or meltdowns. We recommend relaxing by the pool or taking a nap in the afternoon at the hotel and swapping or switching riders. The ride employee is informed of the need to change rides by a family member. Then one parent awaits at a designated area with the younger child while the other takes the older child. The parents then switch off once the ride has ended. There are ride attendants at all the major theme parks who can assist you with this service.
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Theme parks have designated areas for diaper changing, nursing stations, and other amenities to accommodate those with babies and small children. Do your research ahead of time to find out where the baby care and family service centers are. Have you forgotten your formula or pacifier for the day? The baby care center will also be able to sell them. Last but not least are the fireworks. There’s something magical and unforgettable about the fireworks show that kids will not want to miss. Before dinner, head back to your hotel or resort for a much-needed break. Then head out to the parks reenergized and ready to take it all in.
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