Whoopi Goldberg's Emotional Outburst on "The View" Gets Kicked Off Her Own Show - Orlando News
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Whoopi Goldberg’s Emotional Outburst on “The View” Gets Kicked Off Her Own Show

During a segment on the popular daytime talk show The View, host Whoopi Goldberg found herself engaged in a heated exchange with billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk. The incident unfolded as the panel discussed Musk’s recent controversial tweets and public statements.

Goldberg recognized for her direct approach and passionate demeanor, wasted no time in challenging Musk regarding his recent behavior. “Elon, you’ve been making some outrageous statements lately, and people are curious about what’s going on with you,” she asserted.

Musk, seemingly eager to defend himself, responded, “I believe people should learn to take a joke. I’m just having some fun, Whoopi.” However, Goldberg refused to accept his explanation. Her voice rising, she declared, “It’s not a joke when you’re utilizing your platform to spread dangerous misinformation. Lives are being put at risk, and that’s no laughing matter.”

The other hosts attempted to intervene as the conversation escalated, but Goldberg remained resolute. Eventually, she exclaimed, “I won’t sit here and listen to this nonsense!” before storming off the set.

Goldberg’s outburst took aback the show’s producers, and viewers expressed their astonishment and disappointment on social media. While some criticized Goldberg for her conduct, accusing her of unprofessionalism and disrespect towards her guest, others defended her actions, commending her for standing up for her beliefs and holding Musk accountable for his contentious statements.

Ultimately, the incident ignited a national debate about the role of public figures in shaping public opinion and the responsibility accompanying fame and influence.

Although Goldberg’s composure may have faltered on The View that day, many perceive her actions as a poignant reminder of the significance of speaking out against misinformation and holding individuals in positions of power responsible.


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